Want to give your pool a brand-new look?

When it comes to renovating your pool, we understand the investment you’ve made in building your pool and want to make sure that investment will last. After about 20 years, most shotcrete swimming pools begin to look a little dated, washed-out, and unappealing. At this point, the novelty of the pool may have worn off, and you--the homeowner--may be falling out of love with your pool.

Choosing to renovate/remodel your pool breathes new life into your pool, making it look brand-new again, potentially even better than it did.

Choosing to renovate or remodel your pool isn’t only a sound decision in working to appreciate your pool again, but can save you money spent on inefficient electrical and pumping equipment. Also, the value of your property can begin to dip if your swimming pool begins to deteriorate, or even just lose its aesthetic charm.

Your decision years ago to build a pool or purchase a home with a pool was an investment in both your property and your quality of life. Don’t let that investment fail.

Here are just a few of the options now available to you:

  • NEW DESIGNS, such as beach entries, tanning ledges, and in-water tables & chairs.
  • NEW WATER FEATURES, such as waterfalls, grottos, water arches, rain walls, and water curtains.
  • NEW MATERIALS, such as pavers, natural stone, mosaic designs, and aggregate interior finishes.
  • MORE ENERGY SAVINGS with heat pumps, variable speed pumps, and LED lighting.
  • LESS WORK with automatic cleaners, chlorine generators, and automated control systems.

Here are some “time-saving” and “energy-saving” ideas to consider:

  • Chlorine-free systems
  • Energy-efficient heat pumps and solar heaters
  • Energy-efficient pumps, filters, and plumbing
  • Ozonators (to reduce the use of chlorine)
  • Mineral systems (to stabilize the water)
  • Saltwater based chlorine generators
  • Computerized automation systems
  • Built-in automatic pool covers
  • Robotic cleaners

On the beautification side, you might want to consider some of these ideas:

  • Long-life aggregate-based interior finishes
  • Waterfalls, water curtains, rain walls, weeping walls
  • Water arches, fountains, bubblers, aerators, scuppers
  • Natural stone or custom acrylic decking
  • Built-in tables, underwater seating
  • Tanning ledges, beach entries
  • Mosaics and all-tile finishes
  • Fiber optic & LED lighting
  • Raised gardens, grottos
  • Fire woks, fire pits
  • You can even add a vanishing edge or a perimeter overflow feature.

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